At Taivaco, we help organizations use their own media because the best content is yours.


Until now, it was nearly impossible to search your own media to find the best content.

We cured that headache.


Imagine searching hundreds of hours of your own media to instantly find the faces, places, and scenes that you want. It's as easy as using Google.

  • Unlock the value of your media assets
  • Start using your content
  • So easy even the CEO can use it

Advanced Technology



We pair advanced technology with artificial intelligence and human engagement.

Our platform is designed to support every department, from marketing and fundraising to investor relations and sales.

It's been built specifically so that your teams can easily search your own media, from older archived films and tapes to video produced this morning.

Human Engagement



A key component to our success is human input.

People play a vital role in the process, from content annotation and quality assurance to customer service.

We're a media technology company that knows our most valuable resource is our team.

Unlock the Value of Your Media


We make media searchable so you can use your content.

Search hundreds of hours of your organization's media to instantly find faces, places, events, and scenes. From archived media to video produced this morning.

Your content is the best content for marketing, sales, social media, advertising, public affairs, fundraising, trade shows, investor relations, branding, advertising, membership and awareness campaigns.

It's your media. It's an asset, and it's filled with valuable content.

Our job is to help you use it.


It's your content. Start using it. Click to learn more about how we merge media with technology. We provide a full range of services and solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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It's your content. Start using it.