Our purpose

is to enable organizations

to use the best content.

Their own. 

Here’s how clients use their own content.


Your CEO wants to strengthen brand image. She's asking you for a plan. There's a big promotion in this, if you get it right.

You call a meeting with the heads of marketing, sales, sustainability, PR, and investor relations to coordinate a branding campaign.

Success starts with finding the best content for the campaign. But you already have it. Your company has hundreds of hours of stored media going back to its early days. Most of it spotlights achievements and milestones worth bragging about. You just have to find it.

With Taivaco, your team can now search and use content that used to be inaccessible. Suddenly you can start creating social media posts, advertisements, collateral for events, e-commerce, and more, all from your own media assets.

Team building and increased morale happens when separate departments start sharing content.


It's a new year, and the board of directors is setting targets. They want a 10% increase in funds raised, and a 20% increase in new members. That means strategy planning meetings and a special push for this year's annual event.

The best membership and donor campaigns tell a story. But you need images that enhance that story and appeal to larger audiences.

Combining Taivaco's VAST™ platform with our CAMS™ creative services, your original media becomes the theme for this year's comprehensive campaign. Share highlights of your successes in the field via direct mail, social media, and a series of videos to be debuted at the year-end red carpet extravaganza.

Better board collaboration. Let board members search for content, too. They'll appreciate the chance to work with you.

Creative Agency


You're pitching a prospective client tomorrow. The presentation has to be good. Last month your firm produced a video featuring kids on a beach, building a sandcastle. Your prospect will love it. Let's add it to tomorrow's portfolio.

How do you find that video? Who remembers the title? What was the production date?

What if you could search for it, like on Google? Choose a few terms like “sandcastle” and “kids on a beach” and instantly find it. That would be incredible. That's Taivaco.

Searching your own content is a great way to brainstorm ideas.

Family Business


Can an organization's media support its mission? Yes.
For family businesses, it's more than just media. It's personal.

Staying true to the original intent of the founders is a unique challenge for family businesses.

Your original films, tapes and videos capture the people, events and successes that define your organization. Use that media to reinforce your mission, motivate management, and sustain your culture and family values

Sharing original media during a retreat or annual event is a great way to encourage dialogue, from succession planning to diversification.


If you work in sports, what's your MVP, or Most Valuable Property?
It's your media. It's an asset with valuable content, and it can generate revenue.

At Taivaco, our job is to help you monetize your sports content.

From professional leagues and collegiate sports to the Olympics and emerging eSports digital gaming, we'll help you unlock the value of your sports media. Use your content in highlight videos and documentaries, print (books, cards, magazines, programs), virtual reality applications, eBooks, promotional materials for live events, and branded merchandise to grow your fan base.

Use your content for licensing, co-branding, managed content distribution, advertising, and specialized promotions.

Imagine your content showcased in a live virtual reality experience for fans at the stadium. Fans will love it, and you'll love how they brag about it on social media.


From legislation to security, public agencies are tasked with oversight and administration responsibilities. Increasingly, it is their communication and outreach skills that determine the agency's ability to function at local or national levels.

Taivaco supports agency missions. Our AMID™ and MIGS™ services offer end-to-end digitization of archived media, from 1930's movie films to video tapes from the 1970's. Our services include logistics, processing, and quality control, as well as media asset planning.

We help local and international bureaus identify, distribute and share content ranging from general subject matter to historic media for academic and research purposes.

Older analog films and tapes deteriorate over time. Our digitization services ensure preservation.


Accidents happen. A fire, an injury, a spill, an accusation, a negative report, or an arrest.
Nothing can erase bad news, especially when the story is breaking.
The best you can do is have a plan ready to implement, as needed.

Your organization's media can play a vital role in responding to public and press inquiries. We can help you use your authentic content in television spots, social media posts, and print ads that mitigate damage, reduce negative perceptions, and preserve brand integrity.

Your original media contains valuable content that spotlights your organization's accomplishments, leadership, and distinguished history. Sharing this content in a timely manner can positively impact the short and long-term effects of a crisis.

If your organization is already using Taivaco's VAST™ platform, simply add your public relations team to your list of approved users for seamless access.