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Your media has valuable content.

Our job is to help you use it.

Taivaco makes it easy to search and use all content, from archived media to video produced this morning.

We pair advanced technology and artificial intelligence with skilled human input to unlock the value of your media assets.

It's a secure, easy-to-use platform that benefits the entire organization, from marketing and sales campaigns to PR, social media, investor relations, sustainability, events, branding, and more.

Video Annotation & Search Technology (VAST™)


Taivaco’s proprietary technology enables digital content owners to quickly and easily search for specific items, such as scenes, faces, dates, and events, across their entire digital media library using our secure platform.

  • Instantly search your media assets
  • Secure and easy to use
  • Supports current digital formats and older, archived media

The annotation process incorporates multiple technologies including facial recognition and speech-to-text programs for automated processing, as well as manual input for precise results and quality control. Additionally, Taivaco’s platform enables clients to add their own search terms for greater flexibility.

Creative Asset Media Services (CAMS™)


Taivaco encourages clients to access their annotated media as soon as it is available. We provide guidance to encourage clients to maximize their ROI, including marketing and strategy consulting services.

Our expertise in monetizing content is unique, and extends across an organization’s departments. From marketing and PR to corporate communications and senior management, we specialize in accessing your best content for authenticity, differentiation, and effective communication.

We help clients use and repurpose their own content locally and worldwide for licensing, broadcast television, social media, fundraising, live events, advertising, public relations, awareness, sustainability, marketing, and branding campaigns.

Media Inventory with Grading Service (MIGS™)


Organizations typically do not know the quantity, condition, and category of their original media. Often these physical archives are located off site, away from primary offices, incurring ongoing storage fees.

Taivaco’s MIGS™ service answers the question “what do we have” by assigning a Media Specialist to conduct a physical inventory of the client’s stored media. The specialist will complete a thorough examination of the various types of stored media, assign a grade to the media based on a visual inspection, and apply an inventory tag for future reference.

Clients receive a comprehensive report detailing our findings, including actions required, if any, to preserve the media. We’ll also provide recommendations for next steps to begin using the content.

Analog Media Into Digital (AMID™)


Due to the obsolescence of analog media, Taivaco recommends clients digitize their original media. This is the only method available to enable clients to review their media, whether it be film, video tape, still images or audio recordings. Without this step, the original media remains unusable in today’s digital world.

Another reason to digitize original media is preservation. Over time, analog media deteriorates and eventually becomes too fragile to access. Digitizing also reduces risk of loss and theft.

Taivaco manages end-to-end processing of media, including shipping to and from the digital processing facility, progress reporting, and  quality control. Our final presentation will highlight the digital results and recommend next steps including cloud storage options, annotation for search functions, and potential use case scenarios.



We work with clients as partners for effective, lasting relationships.

  • Corporate business
  • Professional associations and NGOs
  • Advertising and creative agencies
  • Legal, medical, and law enforcement
  • Academic, athletic, and research organizations
  • Government and public agencies

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