Frequently Asked Questions

My organization has films, tapes and recordings going back to our organization's early beginnings. Are they still valuable?
Absolutely. Those analog tapes and films are your MVP, your organization's Most Valuable Property.

It captures the people, events, and successes that define your organization.

We don’t have the equipment, or expertise, to view our archived media. What is our best option?
Taivaco will digitize your recorded media. Our team has the hands-on experience, equipment, and technical expertise to digitize older analog media. Once completed, it’s easy to view and share the materials on computers, tablets, and smart phones.

What else can we do with our “new” digital files?
Use them! Upload them to your website. Share them via email and social media including YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Show them in presentations, conferences and trade shows. Study them for great ideas and add them to your promotional campaigns to ignite interest and awareness.

We make media searchable so organizations can quickly and easily find and use their own media. And we provide guidance to encourage clients to maximize their ROI, including marketing and strategy consulting services.

Is this urgent?
Unfortunately, film and tapes deteriorate. The culprits are time, temperature and humidity. We’ll strive to capture all your vintage media, but some may be inaccessible. We recommend preserving your archived media as soon as possible.

Can Taivaco digitize all media formats?
Yes. From popular formats to exotic and commercial grade products, we are happy to assist you. That includes 8mm and 16mm films, VHS and Beta videotapes, PAL, stills, slides, reel-to-reel and vinyl audio recordings, and much more.

Why is Taivaco different and better?
Taivaco is a focused team with a purpose. We accommodate the needs of corporate business, professional associations, medical, legal, government, athletic and academic institutions.

What if we need additional services?
We’re here for you. Contact us for a complimentary consultation.