Taivaco Featured on The TOP

Founder Michael H. Kaplan was the featured guest on Nathan Latka's The TOP podcast in January 2017. Michael shared Taivaco's story, ambitions, and his insights as CEO of a media technology startup.

Over 200,000 listeners hear the program monthly, which features the world's top entrepreneurs.

Listen now to the interview or download Episode 599 at iTunes and Google Play.


We unlock the value of your media


We make your media searchable. Instantly find faces, events and scenes across thousands of hours of video. It’s as easy as searching the internet.

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We transform your organization's original [analog] media into a digital format to preserve your content. The result is easy to view, share, store and use.

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It's more than media. It's an asset. It contains valuable content. Let's start using it. Branding. Marketing. PR. Social media. Ads. (We’ll help at every step!)

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Taivaco On Air






Michael was interviewed in the WERA FM studio by Cynthia Gurne, host of The Workplace Show.


Listen to a highlight clip


Co-founder and COO Elizabeth Perea, PhD at the EPI Business Forum in New York City.


Unlock the Value of Your Best Content

It's your content. It's an asset. Start using it.





We solve the invisible problem of finding (and using) your organization's content.

Your organization’s original media is overflowing with valuable content.
But it’s only valuable if you can see it, share it, and use it.

Our cloud-based technology makes your organization’s original media
1) digital, 2) searchable and 3) usable. And it's easy to use.

If you're in marketing, branding, social media, advertising, sales, public relations,
fundraising, corporate communications, investor relations, membership, sustainability,
or senior management, don't let your MVP (Most Valuable Property) collect dust.



Michael, thank you again for your help.
We're very happy with the results.


Chris Sabbatini
Sabra Design
Washington DC




From Archived Media to Content Produced Today

Your media is an asset. It has valuable content that is irreplaceable.

And it's collecting (virtual) dust.

Integrate your original content into your marketing, branding, fundraising, corporate communications, social media, advertising, public affairs, awareness campaigns, membership drives, and much more.

We help at every step.

The best content is yours.

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Unlock the Value of Your Original Media in 3 Steps

  1. First, we make your original media DIGITAL so it's easy to view, share, store and use.
  2. Next, because there's so much, we make it SEARCHABLE to quickly find faces, events and scenes.
  3. Now your content is USABLE for marketing, branding, fundraising, PR, sales, public affairs, corporate communications, social media, and much more.

Every organization has a story.

Your original films, tapes and videos capture the people, events and successes that define your organization.

Share your story.

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It's your content. Start using it.




Sunken Roads Submitted to Sundance Film Festival

Taivaco Supports Independent Film Project

Sunken Roads: Seventy Years After D-Day

A young woman retraces her grandfather's steps from D-Day and befriends his fellow survivors. A story about memory, intergenerational relationships, and the human desire to commemorate.

Taivaco is a proud supporter of independent film projects.


It's your content. Start using it.